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Storecoin Address Format
This document describes the wallet address format for Storecoin transactions. For simplicity and familiarity, Storecoin’s address follows Bitcoin’s address format with some minor changes. The rest of this document is influenced by Bitcoin’s technical background on its address format.
Address Format
Storecoin address is a 160 bit hash of the public key of ED25519 keypair. Like its Bitcoin counterpart, Storecoin address contains a built-in checksum so as to prevent sending transactions with a mistyped address. Storecoin uses the same steps as Bitcoin to generate the address.
Steps to generate Storecoin address
  1. Assuming ED25519 keypair as shown below, compute SHA256 hash of the public key.Secret key: 9eef529480e639ddd46087eca06a5449b7a20d9aac92e0816a501365a3182f76Public key: cad187274a2be1f8f41e795df492616f158fbf8c072e84ec843ccc85c9333d05SHA256(‘cad187274a2be1f8f41e795df492616f158fbf8c072e84ec843ccc85c9333d05’) = 999814eb3ce3512831768a5be056a842133f1d7e1edbc6f74124c36a14e58310
  2. Perform RIPEMD-160 hashing of the result of step 1.RIPEMD_160(‘999814eb3ce3512831768a5be056a842133f1d7e1edbc6f74124c36a14e58310’) = b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c9
  3. Add network type to the front of the result of step 2. 0x00 (zero-ex-zero-zero) is used for Storecoin testnet and 0x01 (zero-ex-zero-one) is used for the mainnet.Testnet: 00b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c9Mainnet: 01b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c9
  4. Perform SHA256 of the extended RIPEMD-160 result of the above step. SHA256(‘01b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c9’) = 93ff5f981e75bf6d9e767da5a4c1c48bbb5e07aacfb9b5b19b77359c88d01e95
  5. Perform a second SHA256 hash of the above result.SHA256(‘93ff5f981e75bf6d9e767da5a4c1c48bbb5e07aacfb9b5b19b77359c88d01e95’) = 1d7d7cfaae07f96ebf14b5ee67892264990029034b6f72bd2f680957119c7505
  6. Take the first 4 bytes of the second SHA-256 hash. This is the address checksum.1d7d7cfa
  7. Add the 4 checksum bytes from stage 6 to the end of extended RIPEMD-160 hash from step 3.01b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c91d7d7cfa
  8. Convert the result of the above step into a base58 string using Base58Check encoding. This encoded string has a length of 33 characters.BASE58_ENCODE(‘01b616ff1fbced522a28a1bbeeeb9e76fb9b7a22c91d7d7cfa’) =gwQWrR41urhBPms7Fx88EtCWPfLXJdRsP
  9. Add the following prefixes to the base58 encoded string from step 8.First character: S for StorecoinSecond character: 0 = ED25519 signature scheme. 1 - 9 are reserved for future use of other signature schemes.Third character: 0 = address is payment transaction. 1 - 9 are reserved for future transaction types.S00gwQWrR41urhBPms7Fx88EtCWPfLXJdRsPThis is the Storecoin address with a total length of 36 characters.

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