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Storecoin Engineering Roadmap

Q2 2017
Research on algorithms for BlockFin, Storecoin’s fork-tolerant, decentralized, leaderless BFT consensus engine.
Q3 2017
Research and develop economic, governance, and security models for Storecoin DyPoS.
Q4 2017
Prototype first version DyPoS on top of Tendermint. Prepare tests to measure baseline consensus efficiency.
Q1 2018
Release BlockFin whitepaper for internal review. DyPoS burst-mode consensus efficiency of 10.2K txs/sec in a 21-node setup. Start data modeling and design of core BlockFin consensus engine.
Q2 2018
Prototype p2p secure data store. Model economic incentives for BlockFin. Create GitHub projects for open-source contributions from development community.
Q3 2018
Build security model for p2p data store. Test p2p data store for resilience and throughput in a (up to) 220 node network. Evaluate wallet partners. Design Storecoin Staking Manager interface on top of wallets. Build BlockFin simulator to prove correctness of the algorithm. Design Storecoin’s “Governance to Deployment” process to deploy the proposals approved by governance.
Q4 2018
Write BlockFin technical whitepaper describing Asynchronous Reliable Broadcast (ARB) algorithm. Research on zero-fee tokenized app platform that allows any centralized app to decentralize their data in exchange for the right to mint their own cryptographic tokens.
Q1 2019
Implement BlockFin consensus algorithm. Create a test instance that demonstrates the consensus phases and proves correctness of the algorithm.
Q2 2019
Integrate BlockFin consensus algorithm with secure, authenticated p2p core. Initiate security audit of both p2p core and BlockFin consensus algorithm implementations.
Q3 2019
Implement Storecoin wallet and vault infrastructure. Start “Know Your Voter” miner self-verification and staking process. Prepare for Storecoin Testnet (Stone-Age release) launch. Prepare for BlockFin whitepaper public review.
Q4 2019
Public launch of Stone-Age release. Iterate through multiple releases to test various launch scenarios and genesis behaviors. Smooth out the wrinkles in the network launch process.
Q1 2020
Fix bugs and security vulnerabilities discovered in the Testnet release. Audit the code with a third party auditing service. Finalize genesis miner set for the Mainnet through a public auction. Prepare to launch the Storecoin Mainnet in an alpha release (Bronze-Age).
Q2 2020
Public launch of Bronze-Age release with 50 Validators and 22 Messagenodes. To ensure liveness and make it harder to attack on the consensus, 17 standby Validators and 7 standby Messagenodes are also deployed.
Q3 2020
Prepare to incrementally add more Validators and Messagenodes to the Storecoin network to improve both scalability and decentralization.
Q4 2020
Launch beta (Iron-Age) network with 61 Validators, 55 Messagenodes, 21 standby Validators, and 18 standby Messagenodes.
Q1 2021
Launch the Storecoin production network (Discovery) with 109 Validators, 55 Messagenodes, 37 standby Validators, and 18 standby Messagenodes.


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